What to do in 1 day in Bangkok

Crowned by Time Out Magazine as the "World's Street Food Capital", Bangkok definitely lives up to that expectation. But there's more to the City of Angel than that. From the culture to the architecture, Bangkok has everything that tourists will love, and that's why they keep coming back. Now your time has come.

You're touring through Asia, and you book a flight, not noticing that there's 24-hour transit in Bangkok. You think to yourself, what can I do to change this into an opportunity for a great time? You didn't plan to travel to Bangkok, but now you might as well! Don't worry, the city that never sleep won't disappoint you. From the beautiful temples to its one of a kind nigntlife scene, Bangkok will give you a fullfilling experience in 24 hours. So if your plane is done landing, then let's get this memorable day starded!

Location: Silom Road, Bangkok

Your first destination will be to Silom. Business central by day, nightlife heaven by night. It won't take you long to find a street-side stall that you can enjoy an amazing bowl of tom yum or other Thai food staples. This is the true spirit of Bangkok, fast-paced, quick, cheap and easy. A few dollars worth of money will go a long way here!

Location: Damnoen Saduak Floating market

We're not done with food yet. Head over to Damnoen Saduak floating market for a satisfying morning.

Take a long boat ride through the canals of the market. Shop at local boat stalls and stores. This place is about an hour away from the heart of Bangkok, but it's a worth it location. The Damnoen Saduak market is a huge shift from the modern lifestyle of the city to a more conservative one of the rural communities around the area.

Location: Wat Saket

After being satisfied with the food and the culture, let's take a ride back to the heart of Bangkok to Wat Saket. The temple is located in the old part of Bangkok, and it's the home of the historical landmark; the golden Phu Khao Thong chedi. The name means golden mountain, which is appropriate for its appearance. It's overlooked by many, as its location can be a little hard to reach. The site has a grim history, as it was the dumping ground for over 60,000 dead bodies during a plague and the central crematorium. You can take a hike up its stairs and be welcomed by chambers filled with the long history of the place. Due to the flatness of the city and the surrounding building, you will be able to see the view of Bangkok like no other places.

On your way down. don't forget to ring the gong for good luck. Do it three times with a long pause between each to be culturally accurate. Be sure to not let your legs and shoulders show too much to show respect to the historical site. This is the same for any temple your might visit during your stay in Thailand.

Location: China Town

Ah, and we're back to something we're familiar with, FOOD! Yaowarat or the Chinatown is one of the largest in the world, spanning over a kilometer long. The strip lies nearly at the heart of town, making it very easy to visit.

Yaowarat used to be the red-light district and opium den of Bangkok, but now it hosts thousands of tourists and local very day. Enjoy the food and crafts of Chinese descent with a touch of Thai culture, which is unique to this strip.

The strip has servived development efforts that threaten its very existence, but due to the backlash and outrage against the government, Yaowarat still stands. This place is loved by many for its vibrant vibe and exciting atmosphere. You never know what you're going to find around every corner.

Location: Patpong Market

The Hangover movie definitely gave an impression for tourists, which actualty turned the city towards that direction Don't waste your opportunfry to dive head-first into the crazy nightlife experience in Bangkok And among all of those places for a night of adventure, Patpong is the most famous (or infamous, *wink wink*) of them all'

Restaurants, souvenir shops, Irish pubs, and exotic shows are just the tip ofthe iceberg There are things that you'll never imagine seeing back home here Its a scene like no others This is the place where sexuality is put on open display nut more importantly, cheap drinks and great bands are never in short suppty here

Tip : If you stay late enouÄh you may catch wind of a street race location that takes place throughout the city every week, that is if the police havent shut it down by then!


There you have it. An eventful 24 hour around the Cityof Angels. Hail a taxi to the airport and make sure you catch the plane to wherever you're headed next Oh dont looksad, we know you'll be back!

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