How to select a hostel for your next vacation?

Each person has different lodging preferences when it comes to vacationing. Things like who you are traveling with and the amount you have budgeted for accommodation are things that you have to think about as you determine where to stay. Here are the main things you have to keep in mind while selecting a hostel.

1 - Past customer experiences

The internet has made it incredibly easy to learn about the experiences of past guests of different hostels. Quite a few have at least a basic website or a presence on a third-party booking site, so you can go online to see what people think. Great ratings indicate that people have had good experiences staying at that hostel. More insightful, however, are the comments. People usually mention any bad experiences they had at the place of accommodation, so you can take that into consideration.

One poor review doesn’t mean you should eliminate that option, just as one great one shouldn’t. Some reviews are not entirely honest, so you have to filter through at your own discretion to look at the average.

2 - Pricing

People generally travel on budgets, so it’s really not that surprising that cost is a big consideration when choosing accommodation. Some say that you can immediately tell the quality of a place of accommodation by looking at the price. A place that costs more generally has better amenities, location, or comfort compared to a cheap place. This could be the case, but there are often lots of other considerations. Some cheap hostels provide excellent value for the money, and choosing the more expensive one may just result in you missing out.

3 - Location

The area in which the hostel is located is another major consideration. How easy is it to get around? Can I access public transportation? Is the airport within reach? How far do I have to travel to the major tourist destinations? Is it in the red-light district?

Choosing a cheaper hostel may not be advantageous if you end up having to pay a fortune on transportation anyways, so make sure you think about location.

4 - Type of rooms

Don’t forget to think about who you are traveling with and how many people you are willing to share a room with. Most hostels have more than one option when it comes to lodging. There are often mixed dorms, female/male dorms, and single rooms. Some offer more. If you are a female traveling alone, you may feel a little bit more comfortable sharing a room with other ladies.

In the mixed dorms, you may have to make sure that there are specific places for couples - it definitely won’t be pleasant to wake up to the sound of grunting from the bottom bunk.

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