How to Make The Most From Staying at a Hostel in Bangkok

It’s fun to splurge on a pricey hotel on a vacation, but it definitely won’t give you the same experience as a hostel will with regard to socialization. Hostels pride themselves on being the go-to place for social travelers. Want to make some new friends as you travel? A hostel is undoubtedly the best place. You may even find people to share the next leg of your trip with. Plus, it’s so much cheaper than a hotel room!

A hostel is the best accommodation option for anyone wanting an affordable, social, authentic place to stay as they travel. That being said, it can be quite different from a traditional hotel. So if it’s your first time staying in a hostel, here are a couple tips that will make your stay a great one!

1 - Select the right room type

Hostels generally have quite a few options when it comes to room types. You may have shared a room with one or two people before, but in a hostel, you may find yourself sleeping in a dorm with up to nine different people!

If you’re a very light sleeper or only want to stay with your travel companion, many hostels have private or double room options. If you can, however, we’d urge you to stay in a dorm. Hostel dorm rooms usually come with single-sex and mixed options. If the idea of sleeping in a room with nine strangers sends a chill down your spine, consider looking for a hostel with smaller dorm rooms or even opt for a private room.

Ultimately, the room types depend on the hostel you choose, so be sure to check out their options ahead of time so you can book a bed that will work for you.

2 - Befriend your bunkmates

It can be scary to go out of your way to talk to someone, particularly if you’re more of the quiet type. That being said, making a couple friends will definitely enhance the whole hostel experience. You’ll have someone to get to know about and ask for travel advice. It can get lonely being away from home and sometimes you’ll find that a new friend and some good conversation is all you need to keep the homesickness at bay.

Your bunkmates will come from lots of different places, and all have a story to tell. By making friends with them, you’ll be unlocking all the experience and knowledge that they are willing to share.

3 - Secure your belongings

It doesn’t matter if you feel like the hostel is safe or you don’t think anyone would bother to steal your belongings, anyways. When traveling, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always keep your expensive and/or valuable items locked up with a lock that you brought along. Although some hostels have safes where you can store certain items, it’s always better to have the only key to the lock protecting your belongings.

If there isn’t a locker or a safe where you can stow away your important belongings, consider placing them in your pillowcase at night and keeping it on your body in the day. This allows you to keep watch on them the entire time.

4 - Pack an extension cord

Not every bunk is going to have an easily accessible power outlet. Even if there happens to be one close to you, there probably won’t be enough to charge your phone, your laptop, your Bluetooth headphones, your Fitbit, and any other electronic devices you need to juice. This is why it’s always better to bring an extension cord. It allows you to extend some plugs to your area if they aren’t nearby as well as charge multiple things at once. Plus, you never know when you might make a new friend by sharing an outlet!

5 - Taste the local food

Quite a few hostels offer breakfast to their residents. If the one you choose does, you should most definitely take advantage of it. Oftentimes, you’ll find that it’s a great chance to taste the local cuisine at a cheap price - sometimes even included free-of-charge with your room booking!

You may be able to try a delicious Italian breakfast or a fascinating Indonesian one. Whether it’s something familiar or not, it will be an experience for your taste buds to remember.

Another option is to cook up something from your own home country in the communal kitchen. Don’t be afraid to make a few extra servings - what better way to make friends than over food, right?

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