How to Make Friends at a Hostel

Even on a solo trip where your intention was to spend time with yourself, it gets lonely sometimes. An incredible sight may be bittersweet as you wish you had someone along to enjoy it with you.

Well, guess what? You can make friends along your travels to enjoy the experience with. And the best source of them is right where you probably are: a hostel! These places are known for being all about people and getting to meet new friends. Whether you’re a natural extrovert or have to be coaxed to talk to strangers, the first step to making friends while traveling is booking accommodation at a hostel.

Not sure how to approach them? Start with these tips:


Although this may seem like a given, it’s something that a lot of people (especially those with a chronic case of RBF) forget at times.

Don’t expect to make friends all that easily if you just sit on your bunk with a pair of headphones on. People will probably just think you aren’t in the mood to talk and not initiate any conversation, even if you’re hoping they might. Use body language to your advantage! Open yourself up to a good conversation and be approachable. Don’t forget to smile!


There are tons of opportunities to strike up a conversation in a dorm room. So if you aren’t an incredibly light sleeper or adamantly insist on an en-suite bathroom, opt for a dorm room! You’ll get to join in on conversations with other travelers. Don’t just hide away on your bunk - make an effort to initiate conversation with other people in the room, and you just may make a few friends in a single go!


Hostels are known for being sociable places, which is why many of them come with lots of communal areas. There’s often a hostel bar, a recreational area, and perhaps even a kitchen where you can cook up some comfort food and learn about the cuisine in other people’s home countries.

Take advantage of communal areas. Got an evening without too much planned? Head down to the bar and strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler over a beer. Who knows? You may even find a new travel partner.


Most hotels always have some sort of trip planned. Be it a pub crawl, a walking tour, or an in-house night of games, sign up for whatever activity the hotel offers. It’s a great opportunity to talk to and get to know fellow travelers without starting up an awkward conversation. Whether it’s a mutual admiration for a particular landmark or a comment on how great a drink is, you can start up some small talk easily.

This is great for introverts too - you’ll get to follow along and try to meet a person or two. Just be friendly and approachable and people will probably come to you!


Don’t expect someone else to initiate a conversation with you. Go out of your way to make the first move. It can be difficult but once you’ve taken that step, chances are you’ll strike up a great conversation with someone who was building up the courage to talk to someone too!

It doesn’t have to be all that hard. Just ask them where they’re from, where they’re visiting, where they have visited, and whether they like the food. It’s easy to go off talking about something else from there.


It isn’t just the travelers you can make friends with. Hostel staff are often extremely sociable. Plus, they’ve got insider knowledge on the area. Just head over and ask for a recommendation or strike up a conversation. Most would love to talk to you!

Many hostel staff are also travelers and have seen quite a bit of the world. You may even pick up some travel tips.

Of course, be cautious when making friends. Don’t meet someone alone and if someone gives you a bad feeling, keep your distance. Use some common sense and travel with an open mind, and you’ll make friends in no time!

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