How to Have a Great Hostel Etiquette

Solo travel is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you have yet to go on a trip on your own, I highly encourage you to do so.

A hostel is a great place to start making some memories and meet some new friends. Of course, that means you have to ensure that you’re likeable enough for people to want to hang out with you. Read our tips on hostel etiquette and you’ll be making friends in no time!

1 - Clean up your own messes

By now, you should know how to clean up your own messes. Everyone is staying in a relatively tight space, so don’t leave your things everywhere and leave your messes for the next person coming by.

2 - Quiet down when other people are sleeping

It’s great that you’re making new friends that you can talk to until the sun rises, but don’t push your luck - you may be making enemies out of everyone else. While others are looking to get some rest, either quiet down or take your noise elsewhere or you may be facing red-eyed glares when morning comes.

3 - Take your nighttime romp somewhere else

We won’t judge if you’re just looking for a one time thing. We will if you decide that a shared dorm is a good place to carry out your activities. You’re smarter than that.

4 - Gather your belongings the night before you leave

If you’re leaving for the next leg of your journey early in the morning, ensure you’re all packed the night before. Otherwise, you’ll be waking up your bunkmates with the crinkling of plastic bags and frustrated sighs when you can’t find your socks.

5 - Socialize with your fellow travelers

Hostels are actually really easy places to make friends, even if you aren’t naturally extroverted. Go ahead and compliment someone else’s shirt or ask where their travels have taken them. Being the newcomer, you may have to take the first step. If you aren’t good at approaching people out of nowhere, you can always give a group tour a try - you’ll have more in common with people on the same tour as you are.

6 - Keep in touch with your new friends

It’s great to make friends, but it’s even better to keep them. Who knows - you may run into them again somewhere in Morocco. You may even end up planning a trip together! Social media is a great tool - use it!

7 - Be considerate

Honestly, if you’re considerate of the people around you, you’ll probably make friends just fine. Respect their space and they’ll respect you. With that, you’re already halfway to making friends!

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