Advantages When Choosing To Stay In A Hostel

Traveling is no longer a luxury reserved only for the financially prosperous. Just about everyone sets aside some money each year to travel and visit new places.

If you are infected with the travel bug and have Bangkok in mind as your destination, you’ve made an excellent choice! Bangkok is a wonderful place to explore, and you’re sure to have a good time. If you have yet to book accommodation, we highly recommend you stay in one of the amazing hostels in the city.

The place you stay often determines whether your holiday is incredible or substandard. As you roam about the city throughout the day, there’s nothing better than coming back to a place that is clean, affordable, safe, and has comfy pillows on which to rest your weary head.

Here are some of the amazing advantages you can enjoy in a hostel in Bangkok!

Hostels are less expensive than hotels

Hostels are often significantly cheaper than hotels. You could easily spend half your travel budget on only lodging in a hotel. A hostel will leave you with more spending cash that you can use to explore the city! Who would complain about having more money to spend on delicious Bangkok street food?

Hostels have a lot more amenities

Besides being quite a bit cheaper, hostels often provide quite a few perks that hotels don’t. Well, without extra fees, anyway. In a hostel, you’ll find common areas where you can socialize and get to know other travelers. These common areas often have TVs, computers with internet, free wifi, snacks, or even a kitchen where you can put together a meal if you’re craving the taste of home.

Hostels are situated in convenient areas

Hostels are a lot smaller than hotels, so they can easily be fit into small pieces of land that are right in the heart of Bangkok. There are quite a few conveniently located by the skytrain or the subway, so it’s easy for you to get around the city.

Hostels offer service around the clock

Service is available even in the wee hours of the morning at a hostel. The goal is to offer a personal customer experience to every guest, so employees at a hostel will be more than happy to try to meet your needs.

Oasis Hotel Bangkok is a fantastic hostel in the heart of the city that will offer you an unbeatable stay. We have both shared dorms & private rooms, providing convenience for couples & solo travellers. Each traveler will get to enjoy common areas and rooms that have vibrant and unique decor. You’ll get to learn more about Thai culture, tradition, and lifestyle while staying in safe, comfortable, and affordable rooms. Interested? Book today!

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